Hearing Aids and How They Work

Are you hearing what people are saying to you? Do you feel left out of the conversation? Solutions are available and in this blog post we briefly describe hearing aids and how they work.

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Les appareils auditifs et de leur fonctionnement

Entendez-vous des gens autour de vous? Vous sentez-vous exclu de la conversation?

Des solutions existent! L’audiologiste et le personnel d’Echo Audiology sont compréhensifs et peuvent vous aider.

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La Perte Auditive Soudaine

Une perte auditive soudaine est décrite comme étant une perte rapide de l’audition. Elle peut se prononcer tout d’un coup ou pendant une période de 3 jours. Une perte soudaine se présente habituellement dans une oreille seulement, et non pas dans les deux en même temps. La perte auditive soudaine doit être considérée comme étant une urgence médicale!

La Perte Auditive Soudaine-audiologiste orleans

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Hearing Loss! Just Like your Eyes can require Lenses, Your Ears Need Help Too!)

Rediscover your hearing at Echo Audiology Hearing Clinic in Orléans!

Just like your eyes can require lenses, your ears sometimes need help, too! Hearing loss appears at around age 50 for men and 55-60 for women. Hearing loss is typically gradual. Some of the most common symptoms of hearing loss include: • Turning up the volume of the television or radio • Asking people to repeat • Trouble hearing with background noise • Family and friends noticing there might be a problem with your hearing.

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Echo Audiology Hearing Clinic Orléans Office

This is a video tour of our newly build Audiology and #HearingClinic in Orléans, Ontario Canada. We offer a bilingual and inviting environment, where our patients feel comfortable in coming to see us, regardless of what their concerns may be. Our services accommodate all hearing concerns and we specialize in #ChildrenHearingSloutions as well #SeniorHearingSloutions.

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