Hearing Loss! Just Like your Eyes can require Lenses, Your Ears Need Help Too!)

Rediscover your hearing at Echo Audiology Hearing Clinic in Orléans!

Just like your eyes can require lenses, your ears sometimes need help, too! Hearing loss appears at around age 50 for men and 55-60 for women. Hearing loss is typically gradual. Some of the most common symptoms of hearing loss include: • Turning up the volume of the television or radio • Asking people to repeat • Trouble hearing with background noise • Family and friends noticing there might be a problem with your hearing.

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Echo Audiology Hearing Clinic Orléans Office

This is a video tour of our newly build Audiology and #HearingClinic in Orléans, Ontario Canada. We offer a bilingual and inviting environment, where our patients feel comfortable in coming to see us, regardless of what their concerns may be. Our services accommodate all hearing concerns and we specialize in #ChildrenHearingSloutions as well #SeniorHearingSloutions.

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Rediscover your hearing at Echo Audiology Hearing Clinic in Orléans & Ottawa!

Echo Audiology is your locally owned and operated bilingual #HearingClinicOrléans just east of Ottawa. Echo Audiology works with advanced technological tools to assess your hearing with accuracy. We provide patient-focused healthcare for all of your ear and hearing needs.

At Echo Audiology #HearingClinic we pride ourselves on providing great ongoing clinical service. We are always ready to answer any questions you may have about your hearing health.

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Bilingual Services offered by Echo Audiology Hearing Clinic Orléans, Ontario

Echo Audiology presents the services it offers in a series of graphics animation slides accompanied by music and text in both English and French.

Echo Audiology offers the Orléans community a full suite of #HearingSolutions, products and services to meet every ear and hearing health concern. With bundled pricing and financing options available, we can help you with a personalized treatment plan that will improve your hearing and work with your budget.

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Tinnitus, What is it and what should I do?

Are your  EarsRinging? Is there buzzing in your head? You may have something called tinnitus. Tinnitus is the first health concern reported by veterans, followed by hearing loss and post-traumatic stress. Reported sounds include buzzing, static, humming and ringing.

Hearing aids also have built-in tinnitus programs that can provide additional help. As well, other devices exist to treat tinnitus; some may even be used at night.

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